About Us

International Trade Development (ITD) is created with a common goal connecting different countries in order to create new relationships, businesses and networks.

It is known that most companies are orientated in businesses within the borders of their own country. ITD helps companies to look across their border in order to expand their businesses. Mostly a lack of network, the language barrier or misunderstanding of the foreign trading habits are the cause of the fear not to go abroad with a certain product.

ITD provides, help finding international interns to realize market research in a particular country and based on outcomes a hands-on businessmodel that perfectly fits on the demands of the business goals is created. Besides connecting International internships,  business missions to several countries are organized. This with the aim to expand business and realize collaboration and generate sales abroad.

At this moment the network of ITD focusses on the horse and food market. The export of original or unique products from one country of Europe to the others is a possibility to create new jobs and enhance the business opportunities within the Europian Union


“It is our vision to improve international trade between different countries for collaboration in the future”

Through maximize our global reach we inspire companies and students each day to take small actions, we believe we can help make a big difference in the international cooperation.

One of our main goals is to improve international collabortion between different countries in Europe in Business like Food, Students Exange Programm and Missions.

Our brands are trading in food, students / entrepreneur exchange program and business missions.  The trading in food is nowadays between the Netherlands and Spain. We import pistachio nuts of Spain to the Netherlands and we export famous Dutch cookies (Stroopwafels) from the Netherlands to Spain and distribute it there.
The second part is the students / young entrepreneur exchange program. We help students and entrepreneurs to work and develop themselfs in different countries. The last part are the business missions. We facilitate and organize business missions in Europe with a group of companies to expand their businesses.